Are you a high school student looking to sharpen your leadership skills and knowledge? Register for Youth Lead summer program.

Session 1:  Touring and Connecting the Community: Greater Williamsburg is a unique location with much to offer both residents and tourists alike. As students become acquainted with each other through teambuilding activities, they will learn about the history and attractions that are unique to the area.

Session 2:  Protecting and Caring for the Community: Students will be introduced to our local law enforcement department and fire department, as well as encounter various aspects of serving the community.

Session 3:  Governing and Educating the Community: Civic engagement will be the focus of the first half of this session as students act as jurors in a mock trial at W&M’s state of the art courtroom. Later in the day, students will visit W&M’s Business School with a specific focus on Entrepreneurship.

Session 4:  Developing and Sustaining the Community: While touring the Community Garden, the focus of this session will be the partnerships among James City County, Dominion VA Power, and the Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District. Students will also get hands-on instruction at a W&M research facility for environmental programs.

Session 5:  Community Roundtable and Leadership Styles: Students will continue to learn about themselves through discussion based upon the use of an assessment tool and they will participate in round table discussions with leaders in the community.